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Okay, what did you expect? A full orchestral arrangement?
Fairly competent musicians should be able to arrange the music to suit their own style.
It is basically a 3 chord melody but would sound better with a little more sophistication. (did I hear a subtle D Minor chord in there?)
The following list comprises web sites and programmes I have found useful. The links are not paid for and I do not invite links.
for the composition of music. You can read the User Guide and try before you buy.  There is a link to the FREE Noteworthy Composer Viewer.
 is the unofficial site for all things NoteWorthy accessed via the aforementioned FREE viewer.
  Music Publisher is a music notation system with excellent support from the original owner.  The Scanning Edition enables you to scan printed music into the programme.
 FREE Switch Audio Converter software does exactly that.
 FREE version of Winamp Media Player enables you to listen to mp3 files on your computer if you do not already have this facility.
  is a wonderful archive of recordings and information.  To listen you need Real player (basic version FREE).
  FREE sheet music of easy piano arrangements.
  Nostalgia: "Snap, Crackle, but no Pop!"
  is the gateway to the extensive Petrucci Music Score Library.
"It was my home territory and the lights along the waterfront shone with remembered promise, even if all it had led to was the present."  Ross Macdonald - The Blue Hammer - 1976.
"It's just as well we can't foresee the future, otherwise the past wouldn't be such a carefree place."   Robert Goddard - Beyond Recall - 1997
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